Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Finding the right frequency

A common question people ask is "How often do I need to exercise?"

Well, the truth is there isn't a frequency which works perfectly for everyone. You would need to first determine where you stand and what your goal is in terms of body weight. Also the amount of exercise one requires would depend on their current lifestyle. How active or inactive they are in their everyday life. © 2014

Having said that however, it's probably safe to assume that for the average person who works an inactive nine-to-five job, and is looking to lose bodyfat and tone up their muscles, a one hour workout four times a week should yield results.  

I would always recommend adding at least ten to fifteen minutes of cardiovascular exercise before hitting the weights. This allows the joints, tendons and muscles to warm up before applying resistance. Treadmill is my personal favorite, but cross-trainer, seated rowing or stationery bike are all fine. 

If you're looking to drop more weight then it's a good idea to include thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise on your off days. That will increase your weekly caloric consumption without negatively influencing the recovery from weight training. 

Now if you've set your mind on a workout regime just make sure you are in fact hitting every muscle group. Workouts are not just about burning calories, it's equally important to increase the blood circulation all around the body. 

You need to also think in terms of health and not just aesthetics... Now go get fit!

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